Live Music Schedule

Groove to the Rhythm

At Cue Club Of Wisconsin!

Discover the beats that move your soul. Our vibrant live music lineup promises an unforgettable experience. From soulful melodies to foot-tapping rock, we’ve got it all. Join us for an electrifying evening of music, camaraderie, and good vibes.

Remember, at Cue Club of Wisconsin, music isn’t just entertainment—it’s a way of life. Come groove with us!

Empowering Change:

A Look Back at Our Fundraising Journey

Reflecting on our past fundraising events, we are filled with gratitude for the overwhelming support and generosity that has propelled our mission forward.

Each event, a testament to community spirit, has not only raised essential funds but also strengthened our resolve to make a difference.

Together, we have turned challenges into opportunities, fostering a legacy of impact and empowerment. Thank you to all our benefactors for being pillars of change.